Here are some questions you may have.

Q-How long is the trail?

A-The trail is about 11 miles.  If you don’t want to travel the whole trail, it is easy just to pick a part of the trail. The trail between Cylburn and Penn Station is very nice! You can park for free at Cylburn or there is pay/metered parking near Penn Station.

Q-Is the trail urban?

A-Part 1 definitely is. (the southern part)  Part 2 and 3 go through parks, natural areas, and a few neighborhoods. It is in the “city”, but the trail in these parts is mostly leafy and green.

Q-Is the trail hilly?

A-None of the trail exceeds a 5% grade, but it does go up and down.  The trail’s grade is more downhill if you go from north to south.

Q-What sites are along the trail?

A-(from south to north)Inner Harbor/Down Baltimore, Penn Station, Baltimore Streetcar Museum, Druid Hill Park, Druid Hill Park Reservoir, Baltimore Conservatory, Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, WWI Memorial, and Cylburn Arboretum

Q-What is the scenery like?

A-Part 1 covers the tourist-friendly Inner Harbor and a gritty area. Part 2 has nice views of the river and meanders through the bucolic and historic 750 acre Druid Hill Park. Park 3 reunites with the river, passes through forested areas, and the beautiful Cylburn Arboretum

Q-What neighborhoods does the trail go through?

A-(from south to north) Inner Harbor/Downtown, Mt. Vernon, Clipper Mill, Woodberry, and Cold spring

Q-Can you get to the trail by rail public transit?

A-Yes, you can get to the trail by MARC train via Penn Station and multiple light rail stations.  (lightrail stations within a 1/4 mile of trail are: Convention Center, UB/Mt. Royal, Woodberry, Coldsping) Go to visiting the trail for more information

Q-Is there a bicycle store along the trail?

A-Yes, Baltimore Bicycle Works is located at 1813 Falls Road. It is about a quarter mile from Penn Station. 

Q-Can I use Baltimore Bikeshare on the Jones Falls Trail?

A-Not really.  Bikeshare checkouts are for 45 minutes at a time and there are not that many bikeshare stations along the trail.  The bikeshare stations are generally within a 2.5 mile radius of the Inner Harbor.  (Helpful hint: If you use bikeshare in the greater downtown area, try out the electric bikes demarcated with a lightning bolt on the rear fender if they are available. They are more fun to zip around on and help with hills.)

Q-Where should I eat? (For all options, please check hours of operation)

A- (Part 1)-there are too many restaurants to name downtown and in Mt. Vernon. One recommendation is to plan your trip around the Sunday (mornng)Market where you visit Baltimore’s largest outdoor market.

(Part 2)-consider a detour to the Avenue in Hampden, Artifact Cafe in Woodberry, or the more upscale Woodberry Kitchen is right on the trail (reservations recommended) Bringing a picnic and eating in Druid Hill Park is always a nice option 

(Part 3)-bringing a picnic to eat to Cylburn Arboretum is a beautiful spot to eat.


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