Jones Falls Trail directions (from north to south)

Jones Falls Trail (JFT) from north to south 

Note 1: This directions are a supplement to the signs and blazes marking the JFT. 

Note 2: There is free parking available at Cylburn Arboretum.  Make sure you pay attention to the hours of operation if you park inside the gates.

Part 3 (from north to south)

  • Start at Cylburn Mansion/Arboretum
  • Follow JFT from mansion out of the arboretum gates to Greenspring Avenue where the trail goes left
  • The JFT makes another left adjacent to Springarden Drive into and through the Coldspring neighborhood
  • Follow the JFT as it splits into the woods descending into the valley. After about a half mile, the JFT crosses Cold Spring Ln.
  • Follow the JFT back into the woods and in about a quarter mile you will see the stream.
  • Follow the JFT into the Woodberry neighborhood, where you will see old stone houses.  The trail shares the low traffic Clipper Road here.
  • Follow Clipper Rd and make a right onto Clipper Park Rd, which is also the entrance to Clipper Mill  (The Woodberry light rail stop is 50 feet to the south, a short detour off the JFT)

Part 2 (from north to south)

Note: There is on street parking or you can take the the light rail to the Woodberry stop

  • Follow Clipper Park Rd (on the road or sidewalk) through Clipper Mill  (This is 50 feet north of the Woodberry light rail stop)
  • Make a left on Parkdale Avenue which goes into the woods of Druid Hill Park
  • The JFT bears right and heads up a switchback in a dense forest.
  • The JFT pops out of the forest and you see the frisbee golf course.
  • Keep following past the WWI Grove of Remembrance and the Maryland Zoo and Rawlings Conservatory
  • Pass over Swann Drive
  • There is an optional roughly one mile loop around the Reservoir that is worth doing if you have the time/energy
  • Pick up the JFT again between the basketball and tennis courts on East Drive
  • Follow the JFT adjacent to East Drive  and continue on a bridge that goes over I-83, the light rail tracks, and the stream.
  • East Drive become Wyman Park Drive (you can take a detour to Hampden or Johns Hopkins University here if you want)
  • If not, make a right on the JFT and follow the switchack down to the river.
  • Cross Falls Rd and take the adjacent JFT downstream
  • Across from the Streetcar Museum the trail crosses back and forth across the street than adjacent to the Amtrak tracks.
  • Follow the JFT on the oversized sidewalk as you go up a slight hill and pop back back up into the City street grid.
  • Follow the JFT adjacent to Lanvale Street on the oversized sidewalk across Maryland Avenue, N. Charles Street, and make a right on the JFT/sidewalk on St. Paul Street. Follow the green blazes. You will see Penn Station on your right.

Part 1 (from north to south)

Note 1: There is 10 hour metered parking on Maryland Avenue as well as garage parking nearby. Please do not leave personal items on the car seat.  It is not a high crime area, but it is a city.

Note 2: Penn Station and the JFT is about three blocks from the UB/Mt. Royal lightrail station .  You reach the trail by lightrail and MARC trains. (You can bring your bicycles on MARC on the weekends)

  • Pick up the JFT on an oversized sidewalk on the east side of St. Paul Street  (St. Paul Street is on the east side of the train station opposite Charles Street. The JFT will go over the train tracks and Jones Falls Expressway.)
  • Make a left on the shared sidewalk trail adjacent to Mount Royal Avenue.
  • Follow the shared sidewalk trail through these intersections: Calvert, Guilford, Preston, Biddle then over the JFX again, Chase, and Eager. At Madison, you are supposed to cross to the other side of the street. (You will have just passed the prison)
  • Continue on the Fallsway path through the Monument, Hillen, Ensor, and Fayette
  • When you get to the Shot Tower Metro subway stop, the trail crosses president Street on Baltimore Street toward downtown.
  •  Follow along Jones Falls Stream, which looks like a canal here
  • Make a right on Lombard Street for one block
  • Make a left on Market Place and crossover Pratt Street
  • Make a right onto the harbor-adjacent trail
  • Follow past National Aquarium, Harborplace
  • Arrive at Baltimore Visitors Center

Jones Falls Trail directions (from south to north)

Jones Falls Trail (JFT) from south to north 

Note 1: Follow directions to the Baltimore Visitors Center (BVC). Be prepared to pay for parking or you can reach the BVC by lightrail or the Camden Line by using the Camden/Convention Center Station about three blocks away.

Note 2: By going south to north you will be travelling more uphill

Note 3: Part 1 is mostly urban and some areas are gritty. If you are looking for nature, start at Penn Station (part 2) 

Part 1  (south to north) 

  • Start at the Baltimore Visitors Center.
  • Follow JFT path adjacent to light street veering right adjacent to Pratt Street past the Inner Harbor pavilions  (it can be crowded in tourist season)
  • Follow just past the Power Plant and make left on brick sidewalk on Market Place
  • Follow one block, cross over Lombard, and follow wide sidewalk adjacent to Lombard
  • Make a left before you cross over Jones Falls that look like a canal here
  • Follow until you get to Baltimore Street.  At Baltimore Street cross over President Street and then make left on wide sidewalk adjacent to President Street.
  • Follow JFT/wide sidewalk past St. Vincent de Paul church
  • When you get to Lexington Street on Fallsway, cross to other side of street
  • At E. Monument cross back over to the east side of the street.
  • Follow the JFT adjacent to the Fallsway past Our Daily Bread and Baltimore City Detention Center.
  • Follow the JFT across the Chase, Biddle, Preston, and Guilford intersections.
  • Do not continue on Guilford but veer left on the wide sidewalk north and adjacent to E. Mt. Royal Avenue.
  • Cross the N. Calvert intersection and make a right on the wide sidewalk on St. Paul Street. Cross over the Jones Falls Expressway and Penn Station is on the left.

Part 2 (south to north)

  • From Penn Station, follow the JFT on the wide sidewalk on the east side of St. Paul Street. (St. Paul is opposite Charles Street at Penn Station)
  • At Lanvale Street, make a left on the wide sidewalk. Cross through the Charles Street and Maryland Avenue intersections.
  • Follow JFT/sidewalk adjacent to Amtrak tracks, cross street to other side and back again at Streetcar Museum.
  • Follow JFT adjacent to stream. At Round Falls cross street and head up switchback.
  • Make left on JFT adjacent to Wyman Park Drive (if interested in visiting Hampden or Johns Hopkins University detour by going right from trail here)
  • Staying on the JFT, follow on bridge over stream, lightrail tracks, and I-83. Wyman Park Drive becomes East Drive and you will enter into Druid Hill Park. Follow past tennis courts.
  • JFT intersects with bicycle.jogger/walker loop around reservoir-follow the loop either way.
  • At the white marble Christopher Columbus Monument, exit the reservoir loop onto the JFT.
  • The JFT  will cross Swann Drive into a swampy forest and you will head up a slight hill.
  • You will pass the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, The Grove of Remembrance (WWI), a frisbee golf course, and the the JFT enters a dense forest.
  • Follow the switchback. At the bottom veer left and you will pop out of the forest on Parkdale Avenue in the Clipper Mill neighborhood.
  • Make a right and share Clipper Park Rd through Clipper Mill until it intersect with Clipper Rd. The Woodberry light rail station is about 50 feet to the south.  (you can take the light rail train back to the UB/Mt. Royal Station, which is near Penn Station or to the Convention Center, which is not far from Visitors Center if you wish)

Part 3 (south to north)

  • From the intersection of Clipper Road/Clipper Park Rd (adjacent to Woodberry Light Rail stop)-make a left on Clipper Road and head north
  • Share Clipper Road and pass a stone church and historic stone houses
  • Trail passes through meadows and woods and passes by Jones Falls stream.
  • Cross Cold Spring Lane and take trail up hill adjacent to Tamarind Rd.
  • Follow trail until it merges with a shared sidewalk in Cold Spring neighborhood.
  • Follow shared use path adjacent to Springarden Drive.
  • Make right on path adjacent to Greenspring Avenue and then another right into Cylburn Arboretum.
  • Follow path past nature center to Arboretum and mansion.